Our Catalogue.

1. Alan Burnett Collection.

2. Free Hetherington Collection.

3. John Cooper Collection.

4. K. M. Glasgow Collection.

5. Bratach Dubh Collection.

6. Charlie Baird Collection.

7. M.V. Edinburgh Collection.

8. Anarchy a Journal of Desire Armed Collection.

9. Black Flag Collection.

10. Class War Collection.

11. Contra Flow Collection.

12. Counter Information Collection.

13. Direct Action Collection.

14. Freedom Collection.

15. Here and Now:  A Magazine of Radical Ideas Collection.

16. Organise! For class struggle anarchism Collection.

17. Resistance: The anarchist bulletin Collection.

18. Subversion Collection.

19. Weekly SchNews Collection.

20. Workers Solidarity: Irish Anarchist Paper Collection.

21. Stuart Christie Collection.

22. Walter Morrison Collection.

23. Clydeside Hunt Saboteurs Collection.

24. Jayne Taylor O’Neil Collection.

25. Simon Yuill Collection.

26. James Kelman Collection.

27. Tom Leonard Collection.

28. Brendan McLaughlin Collection.

29. Simon Dell Collection.

30. Brian Hartley Collection.

31. The Word Collection.

32. Collins McKay Collection.

33. Dek Keenan Collection.

34. Marianne M Gilchrist Collection.

35. Shirley Sampson Collection.

36. Les Forster Collection.

37. Faslane Peace Camp Collection.

38. Máirtín Ó Catháin Collection.

39. Camcorder Guerrillas Collection

40. John Frew Collection.

41. Billy Clark Collection

42.  Farquhar McLay Collection

43. Tommy Kayes Collection.

44. JCSR Collection

45. Stevie Gallagher Collection.

46. Brian Biggins Collection.

47. Ronnie Alexander Collection.

48. Elspeth King and Michael Donnelly Collection. 

49. Mick Gallagher Collection.

This list of collections will be added to on a regular basis as the archive grows. We have several collections still to be processed, also we will start to upload images associated with the various items on the catalogues, so keep coming back for more.