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Simon Dell is a local activist. In his own words, he was raised in a household “committed to social justice and peace”, with involvement in anti-Vietnam war marches, anti-Polaris demonstrations and anti-apartheid action. His first direct action was involvement in the setting up of the Faslane Peace Camp in 1982, where he also first came into contact with anarchist ideas. As well as continuing to engage non-violent direct action within the peace movement, which resulted in a short prison sentence, he became more involved in anarchist movements via the Anarchist Black Cross, Glasgow Anarchist Group and Counter Information. The Poll Tax campaign saw him back in court charged with criminal damage to a sheriff officers van at the first attempted warrant sale. The charges were acquitted. The 1990’s saw Dell returning to higher education and later working across various areas of Glasgow in urban regeneration and social inclusion.


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Material collected by Simon Dell.


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Simon Dell.


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Compiled by Nicola Maksymuik (Project Archivist), July 2014.



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