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Wild Times Hunt Sab magazine.

For September’s “Read of the Month” we have chosen Wild Times, Newsletter of Scottish Action Against Bloodsports. This is from our Clydeside Hunt Saboteurs Collection, which makes for very interesting reading. Though Scotland in 2002, passed legislation restricting fox hunting etc. hunts can still continue in their sadistic tally-ho cruelty as long as they have […]

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Workers City Report

Just a wee report on Spirit of Revolt’s Monday 16th. September, Show and Tell event, Workers City, held in the Mitchell Library. It was by any standard a success. My rough head count put the number of those that attended as about the 50 mark. Lots of Glasgwegian stalwarts from that period, but encouragingly, lots […]

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Show and Tell Workers City.

Spirit of Revolt’s latest Show and Tell FREE event is, from the feed back, looking like a very popular event. The line up of speakers is a roll-call of some of Glasgow’s well known names, most of whom were involved in that wonderful event from the 1990’s, Workers City, which was a counter organisation to […]

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