Workers City Report

Just a wee report on Spirit of Revolt’s Monday 16th. September, Show and Tell event, Workers City, held in the Mitchell Library. It was by any standard a success. My rough head count put the number of those that attended as about the 50 mark. Lots of Glasgwegian stalwarts from that period, but encouragingly, lots of younger faces, and lots of interest shown in the material from the archive that was on display. During the open discussion there were plenty of very interesting points raised and discussed, so a big thank you to all those who turned up, and also to all those speakers and contributors a big thank you. A special big thanks to the volunteers who put in the work behind the scenes, the donkey work, preparing, pushing the publicity, setting up and the clearing up afterwards, well done.
Another pleasing feature from the event, the Spirit of Revolt group raised £32 from sale of merchandise and donations towards their running costs, so thanks to those who made that possible.
Let’s hope that some of the ideas that came out of this event can by brought from ideas to reality. One of the ideas raised was the re-launch of the “Keelie” and to that end there will be a meeting next Monday, September 23rd. 2pm. in the Scotia Bar, Stockwell Street, Glasgow.
Thanks again to all involved.

Those wishing further information on Spirit of Revolt’s events, or wish to become involved, can contact us at,

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