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Introduction to Social Revolution.

For April “Read of the Month” comrades at Spirit of Revolt brings you free to read on line a pamphlet by the SR Group, Introduction to Social Revolution. It is from our John Cooper Collection, T SOR 3-52-25 Read learn and enjoy and perhaps take a browse through the multitude of material free to read […]

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The Source

We’ve missed a few months, but here is Spirit of Revolt, March issue of “Read of The Month”  The Source: Independent Monthly Magazine. No. 1. From our Charlie Baird Collection T SOR 6-7-25. Enjoy and perhaps have a wee browse through the other gems held in the Spirit of Revolt Archive.                                                              READ ONLINE.

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Mick Gallagher Collection.

Reference Code GB243 T/SOR/49 Title Mick Gallagher Collection Dates of Creation 1980s – 2000s Extent 3 boxes Name of Creators Mick Gallagher Level of Description Fonds Administrative History Mick Gallagher grew up in Penilee, a wee housing scheme on the very south west tip of Glasgow. He came to Anarchism through his teenage involvement with […]

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Why I Won’t Vote

Spirit of Revolt is probably Scotland’s largest collection of Anarchist and Libertarian Socialist history, memorabilia, letters, pamphlets, periodicals, serials, photos, posters and a myriad of documents on the everyday struggles of the ordinary people, mainly Glasgow Clydeside, but lots of material from further afield including other language material. Spirit of Revolt is entirely run by […]

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Of Man and Revolution.

A bit late with this, but it is still August. Spirit of Revolt for your August Read of the Month brings you a publication from our Charlie Baird Collection, Of Man and Revolution: An Anarchist Vision. Michael Tobin T SOR 6-7-21. Well worth a read, and while on our site why not browse through what […]

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Revolutionary Perspectives

Spirit of Revolt for our July “Read of the Month” bring you a magazine from our KM Collection T SOR 4-1-138, Revolutionary Perspectives, No.21. Other issues of this magazine are also available to read on line at the same catalogue number, T SOR 4-1-138. While there take a wee while to browse through our extensive […]

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Spirit of Revolt, for June Read of the Month, brings you a battle of the ordinary against the corporate juggernaut, This is when a brave young couple took on the might of MacDonalds and cost the company a fortune in cash and gave them a mountain of bad publicity. It became famous as the McLibel […]

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For May “Read of the Month” our choice is Insurrection, No’s 1 to 3, so once again Spirit of Revolt brings you three anarchist magazines to give you a wee insight to what we at Spirit of Revolt carry in our archive.The selection is from our Bratach Dubh Collection SOR 5-6-40. If you like what […]

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Spirit of Revolt for its April “Read of The Month” gives three for one, three copies of prison reform magazine Bulldozer. It is from our Bratach Dubh Collection, T SOR 5-1-20. The Copies are NO’s 2 & 4 & 5 from 1981-1983. Some wonderful images, excellent articles and lots of useful information. If you have […]

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Soil of Liberty two

For March “Read of the Month” we at Spirit of Revolt offer you a magazine from March, 1977, Soil of Liberty, Volume 3, No2. It is from our Bratach Dubh Collection T SOR 5-1-4. It is an excellent read like the thousands of other documents letters, booklets, pamphlets,  and lots more, held in the Spirit […]

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