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Short text by Farquhar McLay

Spirit of Revolt’s August 2019, “Read of The Month” is a short text by Farquhar McLay, Glasgow anarchist, activist, writer, poet and deserter from the British army. Farquhar had many works published and played a prominent part in the Workers City group in Glasgow. The group was formed to counter the City Council’s’s distorted view […]

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The Pyramid Of The Capitalist System.

This month for your “Read of the Month” we have chosen a poster from the Hetherington Occupation, at Glasgow University. Text by Stasia Rice. The Pyramid Of The Capitalist System. The Pyramid of the Capitalist System poster is in the Hetherington Collection The Activist made it from coloured pencils on an old cardboard box. […]

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SchNEWS cartoons and drawings.

Schnews was a Brighton UK anarchists serial that ran for a number of years. The Spirit of Revolt Archive holds a considerable number of its issues The paper ceased publication in 2014 here they explain their closure: Some cartoons and drawings from SchNEWS: Read on line and other options: …and finally – the last word […]

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Free CD and booklet, “Writers for Miners”.

Spirit of Revolt is anarchist/libertarian-socialist archive dedicated to preserving and making easily accessible to the public at large, Glasgow/Clydeside grass-roots history of struggle. We are not connected to any political party or trade union nor do we receive any funding from any of these organisation. We are a volunteer group who give our time freely, […]

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Everything You Want To Know About Anarchism–

Anarchism, anarchists, due to the bad-mouthed misinformation from the mainstream media, these two words are probably the most misunderstood in the English language. Because of this distortion of the truth, anarchists are deemed to be destructive and violent, while anarchism is portrayed as chaos, against organisation and devoid of co-operation. Nothing could be further from […]

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Don’t Call Them Government Spies.

April Read of the Month is again taken from the John Cooper Collection TSOR 3-52-110, “Don’t Call Them Government Spies.” A collection of poems and prose against the Criminal Justice Act, edited by Jim Ferguson & Andy Lewis. Published by Scottish Defiance Alliance in association with Neruda Press. It contains works by such well known […]

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Nothing Hill Gate.

For March “Read of the Month” we have dipped into the John Cooper Collection and chosen the  pamphlet – T SOR 3-52-62.  Its full title is “Once Upon A Time There Was A Place Called Nothing Hill Gate”—- It gives the history of the Notting Hill Gate and the famous Notting Hill Carnival, and makes […]

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Conscientious Objectors Success.

Our Show and Tell event for November, conscientious objectors, was a great success. Lots more attended than at other Show and Tell events, after our archivist Paula’s introduction and group member Eric’s opening talk, there were lots of contributions from the floor. Obviously the subject matter was of tremendous interest to a lot of people, […]

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Show and Tell, Conscientious Objectors.

Spirit of Revolt continues its outreach program with another Show and Tell event, again in conjunction with The Mitchell Library. Once more Spirit of Revolt brings the archive to the people and the people to their history. This event is on Conscientious Objectors from WW1 and WW2. It will take the form of an open […]

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Underdogs Vs. Upperdogs.

How the months go by, here we are in October, a new month and another opportunity to dip into the rich resource of the Spirit of Revolt Archive. For our “Read of the Month” for October we have chosen a 1951 publication from our Charlie Baird Collection, T SOR 6-7-18,  by Jim Peck, illustrated by […]

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