Soil of Liberty two

For March Read of the Month” we at Spirit of Revolt offer you a magazine from March, 1977, Soil of Liberty, Volume 3, No2. It is from our Bratach Dubh Collection T SOR 5-1-4. It is an excellent read like the thousands of other documents letters, booklets, pamphlets,  and lots more, held in the Spirit of Revolt Archive . Delve in and learn about our history, the people’s history, history from below.


Spirit of Revolt is probably the largest anarchist/libertarian Socialist  archive in Scotland, and it is free to use. It is run by a small team of unpaid dedicated volunteers, but it does require money to function in this capitalist system. Wifi, website maintenance costs, annual fees for domain, name paper and ink cartridges and other ancillary costs etc. We receive no grants and rely on the generosity of our friends, comrades and supporters. So if you think we are doing a worth while job and would like to see it grow, why not donate the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month, so that we can continue to gather and catalogue and make easy accessible more of the struggle and history of the ordinary people.


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