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July Read of the Month is a little known news-sheet from our Bratach Dubh Collection called Scream!: A voice of the youth movement. Youth Information Network. issue 1. Today more than ever we need to communicate with youth in our society, there has to be a dialogue between the generations, each learning form the other […]

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Regeneracion, Read Of The Month.

The anarchist paper Regeneración first produced in Mexico 1n 1900, Wikipedia-(Regeneración (Spanish: [rexeneɾaˈsjon]) was a Mexican anarchist newspaper that functioned as the official organ of the Mexican Liberal Party. Founded by the Flores Magón brothers in 1900, it was forced to move to the United States in 1905.[1] Jesús Flores Magón published the paper (along with […]

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Birth of Spirit of Revolt.

An idea floated around in one persons head, in 2011 he spoke to some comrades, they decided to meet in a cafe and discuss the idea. That was the day that Spirit of Revolt was born. It was the cafe in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, five like minded people started to plan and […]

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Treason: Against the state.

Whilst we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Spirit of Revolt volunteers have been working from home when and where possible. Our archivist, Paula, is beavering away on a laptop at home, others are trawling through our catalogue to see where we can find improvements, and of course being another month, we can’t […]

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Women in the Spanish Revolution.

This month, to mark International Women’s Day, Spirit of Revolt’s “Read of the Month” for March, is an article by Liz Willis, held in our John Cooper Collection, No. 3-52-1. It is a Solidarity Pamphlet No. 48. “Women in the Spanish Revolution” . Liz hailed from Stornoway, and was active in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and London […]

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Our Stall and Roma dancing.

Saturday 15th February saw Spirit of Revolt’s first of the year outreach affair. It was a stall at the Workers Theatre Group’s Ceilidh. Though the stall didn’t get that much traffic, everybody enjoying the rousing and fun Roma dancing, we did however give out lots of info leaflets and managed to raise some funds for […]

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People’s Global Action.

Spirit of Revolt‘s February “Read of the Month” is from our KM Collection and is called, Peoples Global Action. Worldwide Resistance Round-up. UK Edition. Bulletin No. 5. A little look into what was and is still happening here and in other parts of the world. Our archive is full of these rare and fascinating publications, […]

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Spirit of Revolt outreach.

Two coming events that Spirit of Revolt will be present at with a stall where we will have info about Spirit of Revolt Archive, leaflets, books, CDs, T-shirts, badges, etc, plus info on how you can get involved, along with friendly chat. First up is the Workers Theatre Group, February 15th. Ceilidh, 8:00pm, Pollokshaws […]

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donate info.

Free CD and booklet. Spirit of Revolt is anarchist/libertarian-socialist archive dedicated to preserving and making easily accessible to the public at large, Glasgow/Clydeside grass-roots history of struggle. We are not connected to any political party or trade union nor do we receive any funding from any of these organisation. We are a volunteer group who […]

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Refuse and Resist

A new year, a new “Read of the Month” from one of our new collections, the John Frew Collection, it is a news sheet of the anti-polltax movement Refuse and Resist. The period when the Thatcher government tried to impose the poll tax on the people of this country was one of mass protests and […]

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