Crisis in the Communist Party.

For the May “Read of the Month”  Spirit of Revolt brings up another wee gem from the past, by J. Britz. A small pamphlet, Crisis in the Communist Party. This is from our Les Foster Collection, T/SOR/36/23/13, well worth a read. Of course one of the reasons we do this “Read of the  Month” is not just to bring you these priceless pieces from the past, but to encourage you to browse through the anarchist and libertarian socialist history of Glasgow and Clydeside. A rich well of the struggles of the ordinary people for that better world for all. We can always lean from our history, and it is essential that we record and make easily available that history. I think it was George Orwell that said, I paraphrase here, “The best we to destroy a people is to destroy their history”. So delve, enjoy, learn, spread the word.

READ online, “Crisis in the Communist Party HERE:



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