Treason: Against the state.

Whilst we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Spirit of Revolt volunteers have been working from home when and where possible. Our archivist, Paula, is beavering away on a laptop at home, others are trawling through our catalogue to see where we can find improvements, and of course being another month, we can’t forget our “Read of the Month”.

For April we have chosen, Treason: Against the State. No. 7  a 1981 pamphlet from our Bratach Dubh Collection.  

These are trying times and with the confined to barracks regime in place at the moment, perhaps you are looking for something interesting to do. Well why don’t you spend some time perusing our catalogue, there are thousands of articles, papers, pamphlets, booklets, etc. to read your hours away, at the same time learning something about our history, the history from below, the history the ordinary people in their day to day struggles for that better world for all. With today’s conditions what better time to start to think of how we can change the system to one that benefits us all. Happy reading, stay safe.

Treason: Read on line



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