Regeneracion, Read Of The Month.

The anarchist paper Regeneración first produced in Mexico 1n 1900, Wikipedia-(Regeneración (Spanish: [rexeneɾaˈsjon]) was a Mexican anarchist newspaper that functioned as the official organ of the Mexican Liberal Party. Founded by the Flores Magón brothers in 1900, it was forced to move to the United States in 1905.[1] Jesús Flores Magón published the paper (along with Anselmo Figueroa, a leading member of the party), while his brothers Ricardo and Enrique contributed articles.[2] The Spanish edition of Regeneración was edited by Ricardo, and the English version by W. C. Owen and Alfred G. Santleben.[3] )

Guy Aldred, Glasgow anarchist, started an English version in 1937 as the Organ of the United Socialist Movement. At Spirit of Revolt we have Volume, 1 No. 3 dated 7th March 1937, of this relaunch in our MV Collection.

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