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Spirit of Revolt Chair report 2013.

Spirit of Revolt Chair Report 2013 From the smallest beginnings in August 2011 we have developed very quickly thanks to the hard work and great ideas from volunteers. Through the site people share their memories, photos, knowledge and opinions about libertarian socialism and their experiences of struggle to get social change.

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Dumfries Anarchist Symposium.

The Dumfries Anarchist Symposium will take place on Wednesday 9th April 2014 on the Dumfries campus of the University of Glasgow . The theme of the event is “Contemporary Anarchist Theory and Practice: Critical perspectives”. The Spirit of Revolt Archive will be present at the symposium. For more on the symposium contact Benjamin Franks by […]

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New information on the archive.

We have updated our website with additional information on the archive and how you can contribute. Check it out!    

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Here And Now Magazine.

We are pleased to have been able to put up another issue of the Here and Now magazine for you to read in our “Read Of The Month”. This issue is Number 2 and is from the summer of 1985. enjoy.

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Spirit of Revolt on Wiki.

As we continue to develop the Spirit of Revolt Archive or aim is always to make it more accessible to the general public. With this in mind we are please to announce the creation of the Spirit of Revolt wiki-page.

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SOR at Manchester.

The Spirit of Revolt travelled to Manchester in late March 2013, to be present at the conference ‘Alternative Futures and Popular Protest’ at Manchester Metropolitan University. The conference has been a meeting point of activists and academics since 1995. And no less so in 2013, when Greek anarchists-cum-researchers met Maltese climate activists and Irish academics […]

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Technical Problems.

Due to a few technical problems, there hasn’t been any images being load up to the site. I’m pleased to say that the problems have been resolved and we should be putting images up on the John Cooper Collection over the next few days. Hopefully this will be at an ever increasing pace.

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Glasgow Local Working Class History.

This site is dedicated to creating a comprehensive archive of working class struggle, a resource that can be used by those interested in that struggle and to further the aims of the ordinary people. For those interested in a brief sketch of some of those struggles in and around Glasgow the site Strugglepedia should prove […]

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Allan Burnett images.

The Allan Burnett Collection now has most of the images loaded, these include letters from prison where he was detained as a conscientious objector during the Second world war. Hopefully we can complete the collection with more images in the near future.

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The Spirit of Revolt group has just completed its first public exhibition, it was held in the Mitchell Library, and was called, Radical Presses Clydeside it ran from 12-19th Jan 2013. As far as those who manned the exhibition, it turned out to be a very pleasant and successful event. Why Pleasant? Well because we […]

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