SOR at Manchester.

The Spirit of Revolt travelled to Manchester in late March 2013, to be present at the conference ‘Alternative Futures and Popular Protest’ at Manchester Metropolitan University. The conference has been a meeting point of activists and academics since 1995. And no less so in 2013, when Greek anarchists-cum-researchers met Maltese climate activists and Irish academics offering a Masters degree in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism. The Spirit of Revolt Archives were not only present on the conference through a stall that gave an idea of the wealth of material that the archives hold. One of SOR’s members also gave a paper on the history of SOR and on its objectives in order to raise awareness of SOR among activists and researchers but also to learn from their experiences with other independent community archives. The presentation and the following discussion made clear that academics and activists regard archiving as a deeply political activity because it can inform present and future political and social struggles.

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