Spies for peace.

To mark the horror of Hiroshima, we have reproduced two items from our Stuart Christie Collection. August 6th. 1945 showed to the world the savage brutality and callous disregard  the war machine has for civilian lives, In the morning of that day, the city of Hiroshima, a city of some 260.000 civilians was obliterated by one single bomb. Those weapons are still with us, but now much more powerful than the one that destroyed the city of Hiroshima. Since the destruction of Hiroshima, the people around the world have campaigned to have these weapons removed from the face of the earth, though those in power continually develop ever more powerful nuclear weapons, the struggle to have them banned and disarmed still goes one. Here are a leaflet and a pamphlet  from our Stuart Christie Collection, depicting two aspects of that struggle, the blockading of the American nuclear submarine base at the Holy Loch, Scotland, and the Committee of 100 Aldermaston  anti-nuclear pamphlet from 1963.

Leaflet; Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.

Committee of 100 Aldermaston pamphlet:  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.

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