Rent Strike Exhibition 2015, Comments.


The Rent Strikes, 100 Years On, exhibition held in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, by Spirit of Revolt, (SOR) proved to be a great success. It ran for the month of November, and was manned by volunteers from  the SOR group. There were interesting and informative chats, and deep conversations, on the subject matter by lots of visitors. All the volunteers involved enjoyed the interaction with the public, and it received lots of positive comments. A big thank you to all those who visited the exhibition, and an extra thanks to those who took the time to make a comment. I’m sure the public enjoyed the display and the information it contained, their enthusiasm told us that the public have a hunger for this type of information and the history of our city.




Listed below are comments and tweets, left by visitors.

Very Interesting Exhibition Jim —–
This is so relevant- part of the new Higher History course! (I taught it to my S5 + S6 pupils a fortnight ago) I’d welcome contact on : @—— Great Display!
Glad to get a chance to see this – always good to see alternative histories getting an airing in public – well done!
Good to see this – hope to see more from Spirit of Revolt archive.
Very interesting and informative, glad to see Skye material included. This is not well known in Scotland. John –——- Paisley 5/11/15
An interesting and necessary display of material that should be collected, recorded and continued. P –— 5/11/15
Great Display, I wasn’t aware that there was an archive of such material in the Mitchell Library. J –—– 5/11/15
Very interesting, thought provoking and troubling. Makes me proud of working class people of which I am one. It makes me sad that the same solidarity is no longer with us. M. –—- 5/11/15
Very interesting. Show another side of Glasgow Stuart 5/11/15
Very interesting what will be the outcome of the Parade on 17th November 2015 will there be any change
“Knowledge is power” the “truth will prevail” David ————-
Power to the People Keep on fighting Moreno –———
This was really interesting for me as a history and sociology student who grew up in a tenement and remembers the struggles and stories from my family regarding the rent strikes/slum-life and Red Clydesiders. Thank You G N——–
Yes Happy Days MG
Great Idea I didn’t know it was the centenary of the Rent Strike Bobby K——
What a fascinating History of Glasgow that deserves greater attention than it receives generally – WHAT AN EYE OPENER AND MANY THANKS FOR THIS EXHIBITION S—– J. B—-
Very interesting: reminds me of my mother arrested back in the 30’s for shouting “Blackleg!” 13/11/15
Excellent Display of historical significance! Both informative and highly accessible! “Retired Worker”
One man asked what the fake Id was for Mary Barbour?
Because we were trying to include her with the thousands of unknown people who also did their bit.
17.11.15 We belong to a strong, long line of campaigners for justice – gotta keep on keepin on!
17.11.15 Its great that you have saved so much that helps us draw strength from our roots. Thanks
Great Stuff – Scott Edinburgh @
Excellent – history {always proves that the few are right/correct D A
Wonderful Exhibition! Fantastic ( GMB REP)
Comments From XXXXXXXX visitor etc all positive 18/11
Very timely – I have very hard working nieces and nephews working in London who are finding it very hard to afford rent and impossible to buy. The public sector will collapse without affordable accommodation. John E J
All power to the Soviets
Excellent and thought provoking
Very good , should be printed in book form! MF?
23/11/15 Congratulations on providing this centenary exhibition – excellent. Timely to be reminded of the issues.
23/11/15 Very interesting and informative Thank You wwwp—— – platform to contribute to artists and creators.
25.11,15 Great exhibition with some wonderful artefacts . AT
25.11.15 Excellent Exhibition, great information. Thank You
25.11.15 Learned a lot today! Well Done! Good luck with your archive.
26.11.15 I would like to congratulate the young people who designed the posters. They are all very powerful and I particularly admire the graphic “ Don’t Kill People” one I hope that young person continues to pursue Graphic Design.
28.11.15 John Maclean Commemoration tomorrow meet Eastwood New Cemetery 1pm
O— H, Eccentric Archive and Archives Activist retweeted a tweet you were mentioned in .
Really interesting archives @spiritofrevolt1 display at the Mitchell Library.——-
H—–D liked a Tweet you were mentioned in
Really interesting archives @spiritofrevolt1 display at the Mitchell Library.——–
Great @ScotsArchives ‘Engaging Communities’ workshop @GlasgowLib Mitchell yesterday. Wonderful to see the @spiritofrevolt1 display as well
Michael ‏@—–archives Really interesting archives @spiritofrevolt1 display at the Mitchell Library.
K Mac—- liked a Tweet you were mentioned in
@K-Mac@spiritofrevolt1 Looks great, i’m going to the Mitchell tomorrow, will try and check it out!
Joe Hill linocut, on display at the Mitchell with other treasures from @spiritofrevolt1 archives – worth a visit!
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Reminder Spirit of Revolt’s exhibition Mitchell Library Nov 2nd-Nov 29th Rent Strike 100 years on spread the word bring friends make comment
Scottish Anarchists and ….. liked your Tweet
Reminder Spirit of Revolt’s exhibition Mitchell Library Nov 2nd-Nov 29th Rent Strike 100 years on spread the word bring friends make comment
R—- P—-
Glasgow exhibition marking centenary of Glasgow rent strikes – imp in history of soc housing——–


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