Raffle Results.

The Spirit of Revolt 2016 Hogmanay raffle was drawn on 28th. December as arranged. There were 6 members of the Spirit of Revolt group present at the draw. The numbers of the winning tickets are as follows:

1st. prize,    Hamper,                                                   winning ticket 0240

2nd. prize,  Smoothie maker,                                      winning ticket 0636

3rd. prize,  2 signed James Kelman books,                 winning ticket 0625

4th. prize,  Ann Vance painting,                                 winning ticket oo64

5th. prize,  £25 AK Press voucher,                             winning ticket 0118

6th. prize,  £20 Mono/Stereo/Flying Duck voucher,   winning ticket 0303

7th. prize,  Bottle of whisky,                                       winning ticket 0351

8th. prize,  £10 Tam Shepard voucher,                       winning ticket 0093

All the prizes have been, or are in the process of being, delivered to the appropriate ticket holders. Spirit of Revolt would like to thank all those who donated prizes, and all those who worked hard at selling the tickets, but even more, we thank all those who purchased tickets. A big thank-you to you all. All the proceeds of the raffle will go to help Spirit of Revolt go from strength to strength in doing what it is doing, collecting your history and making it easily and freely available to all. Thanks again.

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