Ibels Cartoons from Le Pere Peinard

Henri-Gabriel Ibels (30 November 1867 Paris – February 1936 Paris), was a French illustrator, printmaker, painter and author.

Ibels drew from life on the street, cafés, the circus and boxing ring. His graphic style owed much to the art of Hononore Daumier and others.He studied art at the same time as the Nabis. He produced cartoons and covers for Le Pere Peinard, the French Weekly Anarchist Press 1889-1902 founded by Emile Pouget. Pouget was a French trade unionist, journalist, militant anarchist , co-founder of the CGT. Pouget is best known for his journalism, activism and for his freedom of speech which earned him repeated prison sentences, fines and exile. His key role was in the spread of revolutionary syndicalism in France and beyond. Ibels contributed much to the image of the paper through capturing everyday life in his cartoons. Ibels’ monochrome cartoon images were powerful and heavily graphic. His Front Cover Designs were a mixture of fine art, graphic design and advertising, as also seen in his lithographs and posters for theater, cabaret, and book illustration of the period.

Le Pere Peinard publications;

Paris 1889-1894 then exiled

London 1894 – 1895

Paris 1896-1902

Emile Pouget (1860-1931) http://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/4f4rfq

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