Everything You Want To Know About Anarchism–

Anarchism, anarchists, due to the bad-mouthed misinformation from the mainstream media, these two words are probably the most misunderstood in the English language. Because of this distortion of the truth, anarchists are deemed to be destructive and violent, while anarchism is portrayed as chaos, against organisation and devoid of co-operation. Nothing could be further from the truth, anarchism is based on the love of humanity, the desire for justice and freedom of choice for all, all bound up with responsibility for your actions. Anarchists are against hierarchical power, injustice, exploitation, and will always stand up against these distortions of humanity.

This months “Read of the Month” is taken from our John Cooper Collection, T SOR 3-52-145, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anarchism But Were Afraid To Ask. First published by The Anarchist Media Group. This edition published jointly by Black Sheep, Dark Star & Rebel Press.

Being informed is to be nearer the truth, enjoy and learn.

Courtesy of Spunk Press.  Read on Line

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