Call-Out To Faslane Peace Camp Members, Past And Present.

Spirit of Revolt is always working hard to record, catalogue and make accessible to the public at large, the history and struggles of the ordinary people. Recently we have been in touch with members, past and present, of the Faslane Peace Camp, in an attempt to archive the history of this world renown struggle for world peace. We want it to be recorded, more widely known, and easily accessible. To this end this is a call out to members of the Faslane Peace Camp, past and present, to get in touch with their stories, photos, posters and other memorabilia.

From Jane, a former member of the camp:
       Call out to all former Faslane Peace Campers.
Faslane Peace Camp – Resisting Nuclear Weapons Since 1982 – Preserving our History
Since Faslane Peace Camp was first set up in June 1982 many people have lived there and for weeks, months and years made the camp their home. Many more have visited and joined in protests and nonviolent action organised by the camp against Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system based at Faslane.
Now campers past and present are collaborating with Spirit of Revolt to gather together material to compile an archive of the history of the camp so far. Spirit of Revolt are based at The Mitchell Library in Glasgow although they maintain ownership of their collections and they also have an archivist working with a team of volunteers to scan material to make it available on their website.
Spirit of Revolt are interested in a wide array of material from the Peace Camp including newsletters, photographs, leaflets and posters, minutes of meetings, correspondence involving strategy and tactics, mementos, poems and stories. All of this can be helpful in getting a good picture of what the Peace Camp stands for and how it has evolved over time.
Please share this call out for archive material and contact Spirit of Revolt  if you would like to donate material, volunteer to help with this project or would like to be involved in an aural history project about Faslane Peace Camp.  Contact   or use the contact form on their website  (please don’t take things to the Mitchell Library without getting in touch first)
There is also a Facebook group page for former campers to meet and discuss what material we have dug out and piece together our history.
You have to join the group if you want to be able to post to it. 
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