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John Cooper

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John Cooper is a prominent local anarchist. He has been involved in a range of activities in Castlemilk and Glasgow including the anti-poll tax movement, the miners’ strike, and a number of local campaigns. He was part of a group of activists who occupied the Price Waterhouse offices in Glasgow to protest against the sequestration by the firm of the South Wales Miners’ funds and was, along with his fellow occupiers, subsequent prosecuted for the action.

Scope and Content

This collection includes a wealth of material on political campaigns local to the Glasgow area, Castlemilk in particular, and anarchist politics and activities in the UK. It includes material relating to a number of Glasgow based and Scottish anarchist groups, material relating to the anti-poll tax movement, claimants’ unions, the miners’ strike, anarchist educational events including the Free University and the Anarchist Summer School, and a variety of other political and industrial campaigns. It also includes a large collection of publications and serial produced by a wide range of groups from the anarchist and libertarian left tradition. The majority of these publications are from UK based groups but the collection includes some material from Spain, France and North America.

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Items have been arranged according to subject and record type.

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Material collected by John Cooper.

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John Cooper.

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Compiled by Christopher Cassells (Project Archivist) with assistance from Hartwig Pautz (Volunteer). November 2012. Update with new accruals, Paula Larkin (project archivist) November 2016.

1 Castlemilk Claimants Union (CCU)
1 Minutes
1 CCU meeting on 15th April 1978
2 Correspondence
1 Letter to Divisional Director of Social Work from CCU 1981
2 Letter to unknown recepient from John Cooper, CCU 1982
3 Letter from Right to Work Campaign about demonstration in Brighton n.d.
3 Administrative papers Includes aims and principles, policy statements, reports, information on social security, membership card, list of contacts. Read on line,  PDF and other downloads. c.1977-c.1980
4 Leaflets and information for claimants Read on line PDF and other downloads. c.1977-c.1982
5 News cuttings on local and national claimants unions and related issues  Read Online PDF and other downloads. 1975-1979
6 Pamphlets on claimants rights and social security 1975-1980
7 Claimants Union Drumchapel Newsletter, September 1979
8 Welfare Rights Bulletin
1 36, June 1980
2 39, December 1980
9 Claimants Union Internal Bulletin. September 1978
10 Claimants Newspaper / Claimants Unite!
1 No. 5, Autumn 1975
2 No. 8
3 No. 9
4 No. 10
5 No. 11
6 No. 12
7 No. 13, Summer 1977
8 No. 15
9 No. 16
11 National Campaign Against the Supplementary Benefit Review Newsletter, no. 1 1979
12 Scrounger: The Claimants Paper, no. 1 1978
13 The Claimant, no. 6 n.d.
2 Castlemilk Community Education CentreMaterial relating to a dispute with Strathclyde Regional Council over the running and management of Castlemilk Community Education Centre. Includes correspondence, reports and news cuttings. 1976-1979
3 Castlemilk Conference on the Fowler Review Includes reports and leaflets c.1985
4 Castlemilk Unemployed Workers’ Group
1 Minutes
1 27th July 1983
2 10th August 1983
3 24th August 1983
4 Minutes on the meeting of the Strathclyde Federation of Unemployed Workers’ Centres/Groups. 22nd August 1983
2 News cuttingsCuttings of stories relating to Eddie Devine and his management and resignation from Castlemilk’s Centre for the Unemployed 1988
5 Campaign against Glenacre Quad car park in CastlemilkIncludes correspondence, news cuttings, photographs, posters and petition 1976
6 Castlemilk community newspaperNews cuttings relating to council opposition to a Castlemilk community newspaper 1981
7 Housing Material relating to disputes with housing associations and campaigns related to housing. Includes correspondence, notes, leaflets and reports relating to Castlemilk, Govanhill and the Gorbals. Also includes a poster and leaflet for the Castlemilk Sit-in at the housing office. c.1975-1980
8 Anti-Poll Tax campaign
1 Minutes and agendas
1 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 6th Sept. 1988
2 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 15th Sept. 1988
3 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 22nd Sept. 1988
4 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 29th Sept. 1988
5 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 6th Oct. 1988
6 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 13th Oct. 1988
7 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union, 20th Oct. 1988
8 Castlemilk Anti-Poll Tax Union agenda, n.d.
9 Strathclyde Anti-Poll Tax Federation, 8th August 1990
10 Anti-Poll Tax Forum, 15th August 1990
2 CorrespondenceIncludes correspondence between Tommy Sheridan and the Coopers, Strathclyde Regional Council and John Cooper, and anti-poll tax organisations and their supporters. 1988-1994
3 Finances Includes receipts and lists of donations. 1988-1990
4 Administrative papers Includes statements, template forms, membership cards, and notes 1988-1991
5 Leaflets and posters c.1988-c.1991
6 News cuttings Stories from local and national press relating to the anti-poll tax movement c.1988-c.1992
7 Jeanette McGinn Material relating to Jeanette McGinn’s, widow of folk singer Matt McGinn, refusal to pay the community charge. Includes letter from sheriff officers to Jeanette McGinn and news cuttings relating to her non-payment. 1989
8 Newspapers and newsletters
1 Refuse and Resist: news from local anti-poll tax groups. Nos. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. 1989-1991
2 Stand Firm: paper of the Trafalgar Square Defendant’s Campaign. No. 5 1991
3 Pay No Poll Tax News. No. 2. 1989
4 Republican Worker Bulletin: bulletin of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (Scottish Committee). June issue. 1990
5 Stop the Poll Tax Bulletin. Summer issue. 1988
6 Muirhouse Community Resistance Against the Poll Tax Newsletter. Summer issue. 1990
7 Cambuslang & Rutherglen Campaign Against the Poll Tax Internal Newsletter. October issue. 1990
8 Woodlands Against the Poll Tax News. Autumn issue. 1989
9 EphemeraI includes anti-poll tax stickers, posters, postcards, Christmas card and pin badges. n.d.
10 Photographs Photographs of anti-poll tax campaigners at demonstrations. n.d.
11 Video DVD of STV and BBC footage of the Battle for Trafalgar. 1990
9 Administrative papers A collection of papers relating to a number of anarchist groups including Glasgow Anarchist Group, Scottish Federation of Anarchists, Clydeside Anarchists, Solidarity Federation, and the Anarchist-Communist Federation. Material includes statements of aims and principles, internal bulletins and minutes. Papers are sorted according to creating organisation. Read On Line,  PDF and other downloads. c.1983-c.1996
10 Glasgow Anarchists trip to Anarquisme Exposicio Internacional, Barcelona.Material relating to a trip by Glasgow anarchists to a anarchist conference in Barcelona in September 1993. Material includes correspondence, literature from the conference, photographs, financial records of the trip and ephemera including postcards, campaign material from CNT and a CNT t-shirt. Read On LinePDF and other downloads. 1993
11 Glasgow Solidarity Centre
1 Administrative papers Includes statements of aims and principles and proposals for meetings. c.1995
2 Financial records Includes bank statements and invoices c.1996-1997
3 Correspondence Letter from Solidarity Treasurer to Carol and John Cooper and letter from Robert Lynn to the centre. 1994-1995
4 Mailouts and newsletters. Read on linePDF and other downloads. c.1995
5 Leaflets Leaflets produced by the Solidarity centre and other campaign leaflets n.d.
12 The Miners’ Strike c.1984-1985
1 Leaflets Leaflets produced by Glasgow anarchist groups and other organisations supportive of the miners.
2 Newsletters
1 Counter Information: News from the picket line. No. 3.
2 Militant Miner
3 News cuttings Reports relating to the miners’ strike and action taken in solidarity with the miners.
4 Posters Posters produced by a number of groups supportive of the miners.
5 EphemeraI includes Christmas card and stickers.
6 Price Waterhouse Material relating to the occupation of Price Waterhouse offices in Glasgow to protest against the sequestration by the firm of the South Wales Miners’ funds and the subsequent prosecution of the occupiers. 1984-1985
1 News cuttings Reports relating to the occupation and subsequent trial.
2 Leaflets distributed during and after the occupation
3 Press release Statement by the occupying group to the press outlining their intent and motivation.
4 Precognitions of witnesses from the prosecution of the occupiers
5 Social work report on John Cooper(access status: closed without permission from data subject)
13 Anarchist Summer School and Dayschool
1 Administrative papers Includes minute book, financial records, registration details, lists of attendees, workshop timetables, accommodation and volunteering forms and other papers relating to the organisation of the summer school 1993
2 Leaflets for the Anarchist Summer School. Read on linePDF and other downloads. 1993-2003
14 Glasgow Anarchist Dayschool A leaflet promoting the dayschool and a pamphlet about patriarchy. 2003
15 Free Universit yConsists of a small collection of leaflets and newsletters relating to the Free University 1990-1991
16 Education Material relating to anarchist approaches to education. Includes papers relating to the Educational Workers Network, Castlemilk Philosophical Inquiry Group and an event titled ‘School and Politics of Obedience in the McLellan Galleries, Glasgow. 1991-2007
17 Save Netherton Primary School Campaign
1 Administrative papers Includes notes from meetings, policies for meetings, lists of contacts, and accounts of the activiists role in the campaign. c.1995
2 Correspondence Correspondence from the protestors, Netherton Primary School and Glasgow City Council to parents of children in the school. 1995-1996
3 Reports by Glasgow City Council on education policy. Includes a report by Netherton Action Group in response to a council consultative document. 1996
4 News From Netherton Headline: Victory for parent power!  Read On line,   PDF and other downloads. n.d.
5 Campaign material Includes leaflets, posters and badges.  Read On Line,   PDF and other downloads.
18 School closure campaigns Material from a variety of campaigns against school closures. Includes material relating to school closures in North Lanarkshire, Glasgow and East Ayrshire. Material includes news cuttings, photographs, newsletters, leaflets, a notice to occupiers of St Paul’s Primary School, Hurlford from East Ayshire council and minutes from a meeting of meeting of Castlemilk Save Our Schools & Services. Read on line,   PDF and other downloadsRead On Line,   PDF and other downloads.  c.1996-c.2010
19 Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre campaign Material relating to a campaign against the closure of Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. Includes leaflets and a newsletter.Sit-in poster,    Read on line,    PDF and other downloads.
20 Correspondence Series of correspondence from individuals involved or interested in the anarchist movement to John Cooper. John Cooper’s name and address was included in many anarchist publications as a contact in Glasgow hence a large volume of letters from people expressing an interest in or a desire to join the anarchist movement in Glasgow. Also includes a number of letters written to Robert Lynn. c.1979-1994
21 Glasgow Solidarity Network Includes lists of contacts, leaflets, minutes of meetings, strategy papers, news cuttings and information from various sources, including Glasgow City Council, on housing problems in Govanhill. c.2008-2010
22 Workers’ City Small number of items relating to Workers’ City and criticism of Glasgow’s City of Culture 1990. Inlcudes news cuttings, photographs, postcards and correspondence. 1990-1991
23 Class War Material relating to Scottish Class War groups. Includes leaflets and internal bulletins. 1991-2005
24 Glasgow Autonomous Projec tLeaflets produced by Glasgow Autonomous Project n.d.
25 Anarchy in the UK Leaflets and itineraries for an anarchist conference held in London. 1994
26 Scottish Legal Action Group Material relating to Scottish Legal Action Group and legal services in Glasgow. Includes general information on available services and information about a conference on the future provision of legal services in Glasgow. 1980-1984
27 Anarchist bookshops Material on anarchist bookshops, book fairs, and book launches from around the UK. Includes leaflets, catalogues and news cuttings. Read on line,  PDF and other downloads. 1980-2011
28 Theatre Material related to anarchist theatre groups and performances. c.1978-1979
29 Obituaries Obituaries and material from funerals of a number of individuals associated with the anarchist movement including Farquhar McLay, John Taylor Caldwell, Robert Lynn, John Prebble, Donald McLay and Cathie McLay 1996-2011
30 Persons unknown trial ‘Persons unknown’ was the name given to the trial of five anarchists at the Old Bailey on charges of conspiracy to cause explosions. Includes pamphlets, leaflets and news cuttings relating to the trial. 1978-1979
31 Aubrey Berry Campbell Case Material relating to the ‘ABC trial’, the prosecution of two journalists and a signals intelligence officer for breaching the Official Secrets Act. Includes correspondence from the ABC Defence Committee to John Cooper, bulletins and press briefings, and news cuttings. 1978
32 Anti-Job Seekers AllowanceMaterial on campaigns against the introduction of the Job Seekers Allowance and material related to other aspects of the benefits system and claimant support groups. Includes leaflets, pamphlets, news cuttings, and other campaign literature. c.1996
33 Anti-Criminal Justice Act Material relating to campaigns against the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act. Includes leaflets,pamphlets and information on a dispute between the Scottish Alliance Against the Bill and the National Coalition Against the Bill. c.1994
34 Anti-Cuts material Material relating to anti-cuts campaigns. Predominately from campaigns against Conservative government cuts in the 1990s but also includes anti-cuts material from campaigns against the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government’s programme of cuts. Includes leaflets, pamphelts and other campaign literature. c.1996-2011
35 Industrial Workers of the World Material relating to IWW including a number of leaflets, pamhlets and badges. Read On Line PDF and other downloads. Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.
36 Tommy Sheridan and Scottish Militant Labour Material relating to Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Militant Labour, Scottish Socialist Alliance, Scottish Socialist Party, and Solidarity. Includes news cuttings and leaflets. Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.    Read OnlinePDF and other downloads. c.1991-2011
37 Anti-nuclear campaigns Material from various anti-nuclear campaigns including CND, Faslane Peace Camp, Scottish Campaign to Resist the Atomic Menace, and Glasgow Anti-Nuclear Groupd. Includes leaflets and other campaign literature.            Read on Line,  PDF and other downloads. c.1979-2000
38 Anti-Election Campaigns Small collection of leaflets and news cuttings on anti-election and anti-politician campaigns. Read onlinePDF and other downloads. n.d.
39 Mayday Material relating to various Mayday events. Includes leaflets and pamphlets.May Day 1998 –cover,  pages 2/3, page 4, 2000, cover, Page 2, 2000, front, back, 2004, front,  front,  back, c.1998-2004
40 Anti-Monarchy material Small collection of anti-monarchy leaflets.No’s. 40i, 40ii, 40iii, 40iv. c.1998
41 Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign Material relating to a campaign for safer working environments after the death of Graham Meldrum in a workplace accident. Includes correspondence with the Scottish Executive, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and solicitors. Also includes information about the campaign.Read on line, PDF and other downloads. c.2006-2007
42 McLibel Support Campaign Material relating to the McLibel Support Campaign. Includes posters, leaflets, stickers and news cuttings. Read on line,  PDF and other downloads. c.1996
43 Fire Brigade Union strike material Includes leaflets and stickers from the FBU strike. No’s 43i, 43ii, 43iii, 43iv, 43v, 43vi, 43vii, 43viii, 43ix, 43x, 43xi, 43xii, 43xiii, 43xiv, View All 2002
44 Hands Off Our Water Campaign Material related to the anti-water privatisation campaign. Includes leaflets and posters. No’s 44i, 44ii, 44iii, 44iv, 44v, 44vi, n.d.
45 Pollok Free State Small collection of leaflets and news cuttings relating to Pollok Free State and M77 protestors. Read On LinePDF and other downloads.  Read on linePDF and other downloads. 1995
46 Elspeth King Defence Committee Small collection of leaflets and news cuttings relating to the Elspeth King Defence Committee. No’s: 46i, 46ii, 46iii, 46iv. 1990
47 Save Glasgow Green Campaign to stop private development on Glasgow Green. Includes a leaflet, petition, fact sheet and newsletter. Read On Line,  PDF and other downloads. 1990
48 Paddy’s Market Includes a history of the market, a news cutting on its future and the minutes from a meeting of Glasgow City Council’s Central Area Management Committee relating to the market. Read On LinePDF and other downloads. 1987
49 News cuttings and articles Articles and newspaper cuttings on a variety of topics relating to anarchist politics and activities. Includes a folder of news cuttings on mismanagement in Glasgow City Council, news cuttings on state secrecy, and articles and pamphlets written by members of the anarchist movement on topics ranging from feminism and pornography to the Spanish revolution. Read Online,  PDF and other downloads. c.1977-2010
50 Leaflets Collection of leaflets promoting anarchism and anarchist events and from a variety of campaigns. These leaflets provide an account of the breadth of campaigns John Cooper and other anarchists took an interest in. Batch 1, Read on line PDF and other downloads. Batch 2, Read on linePDF and other downloads, Batch 3, Read on linePDF and other downloads.
51 Stickers and badges A collection of stickers and badges from various campaigns.  Read Online,   PDF and other downloads. n.d.
52 Publications and pamphlets  Download  Thumbnails.   Nos.   23243947,  48 49,  5053.
1 Women in the Spanish Revolution. Liz Willis, Solidarity Pamphlets no. 48. Front Cover. 1975
2 On Spontaneity and Organisation. Murray Bookchin, Solidarity Pamphlet no. 49. Front Cover. 1975
3 The Crisis of Modern Society. Paul Cardan, Solidarity Pamphlet no. 23. Front Cover. 1965
4 From Bolshevism to the Bureaucracy. Paul Cardan, Solidarity Pamphlet no. 24. Front Cover. n.d.
5 Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix Occupation. Solidarity Pamphlet no. 39. Front Cover. 1972
6 Trade Unionism or Socialism. John Zerzan, Solidarity Pamphlet no. 47  Front Cover. n.d.
7 Contribution to the critique of Marx. John Crump, Solidarity Pamphlet no. 50. Front Cover. 1976
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9 A Public Nuisance: Tales of adventure & a spirit of revolt, Glasgow anarchists 1974 to 1986. Jim McFarlane. n.d.
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53 Practical Anarchy
Posters, news sheets and leaflets produced by Practical Anarchy.
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56  Serials
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58 Glasgow Against ATOS (GAA)
Material relating to a Glasgow based grass roots campaign to end the UK Governments’ Work Capability Assessment (WCA) which carried out medical examinations to assess whether a sick or disabled person receiving benefit was fit and able to work. The assessments were carried out by Atos, a French IT company. The campaign was characterised by direct action, demonstrations and pickets. The monthly picket outside the Atos WCA centre in Glasgow was an intrinsic part of the campaign. It launched in early 2012 and had it’s last demonstration in June 2014.
1 Administrative papers
Includes GAA launch statement, constitution, a report detailing all aspects of the campaign with photographs, internal bulletins and a list of contacts.
2 Minutes
Organising Meeting Minutes.
3 Trade Unions
Material relating to GAA’s contact with the unions representing Atos employees. In particular the PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) and Unite. Includes correspondence and reports on meetings between GAA and PCS union representatives, union policy statements, a list of contacts and correspondence between the Scottish Unemployed Workers Network (SWUN) and the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC).
4 Finance
Includes bank statements, bank card, pay-in book, cheque book, income and expenditure reports and receipts.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.
5 Newspaper Cuttings and Web-based Media.
Includes articles about Atos, benefit cuts, GAA, PCS strike, claimants and the DWP.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.
6 Campaign Materials
Includes fliers, badges, stickers, pens, beer mats, CD, fundraiser ticket, DVD of the ‘Dirty Laundry’ event, t-shirts, posters, placards, folder, banners and loudspeaker.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.