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Material collected by Charlie Baird.

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Charlie Baird is the son of the prominent anarchist and one time secretary of the Glasgow Anarchist Group of the same name.

The Barrowfield Community School was set up in 1972 in the Barrowfield area of Glasgow. The school was developed by Brian Addison, a secondary school teacher, and John MacBeath, a lecturer in Jordanhill College of Education. When the school first opened there were seven children, one full-time teacher and four part-time teachers along with a number of volunteer student teachers. Barrowfield was developed according to the ‘free school’ philosophy which envisages a more equal relationship between pupil and teacher and a broader understanding of what education can involve. The school closed after a boy who had been banned from a trip by his fellow pupils for stealing burned the building the school occupied down.

Scope and Content

This collection includes: material relating to Barrowfield Community School, including administrative papers, correspondence, and reports; publications by Freedom Press, the Industrial Workers of the World, Bratach Dubh; books written by Emma Goldman and Guy Aldred; books on education; and a range of publications relating to anarchism and libertarian communism.

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Items are arranged according to their original order where possible.

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Material collected and held by Charlie Baird.

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Charlie Baird

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Compiled by Christopher Cassells (Project Archivist), November 2012.

1 Barrowfield Free School
1 Administrative papers
1 Constitution of Barrowfield Community School. Read on line. n.d.
2 Document detailing budget, staff, curriculum, patrons and ethos of Barrowfield Community School. Read on line.   PDF and other downloads. n.d.
3 A request for financial assistance to the Gulbenkian Foundation.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. n.d.
2 Correspondence
1 Letter to Dr. T. R. Bone, Principal of Jordanhill College of Education, requesting support for Barrowfield Community School.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. n.d.
2 Correspondence sent by John McLeod from the Contemporary Violence Research Centre, Oxford University, to John MacBeath from Jordanhill College of Education and community leaders in Barrowfield about conducting research in Barrowfield. Includes photocopy of an article titled Towards a Radical Reform of Education by Jack Goody from New Society, 30 March 1978.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. 1978
3 Reports and papers
1 Scotland Road Community Trust: Our lives in our hands. 1973
2 Barrowfield Community School Progress Report. n.d.
3 Free School Handbook. Second Edition. n.d.
4 Our Education Must Be For Liberation: The Dag Hammarskjold Seminar on Education and Training and Alternatives in Education in African Countries. President Nyerers’s speech to the Dag Hammarskjold seminar on education. 1974
5 Scottish Council for Civil Liberties. Discussion Paper – Children’s Rights Conference. 1978
6 Report on Barrowfield. n.d.
7 Report on field research in Barrowfield, Glasgow. John McLeod, Contemporary Violence Research Centre, University of Oxford. 1978
8 The Barrowfield Alternative. John MacBeath. n.d.
9 Barrowfield Community School… its philosophy, history and operation. Brian Addison and Margaret Graham. n.d.
10 Barrowfield Community School, Glasgow: an alternative for education in a multi-deprived community. J E C MacBeath. 1976
11 Barrowfield Community School: Is there a need for such a school in Barrowfield? n.d.
12 Goodbye Free School, Hello Special Unit. 1977
4 News cuttings
1 Article from the Daily Record about Barrowfield titled ‘Pupils in a class of their own – for making history.’  Read on line. 1973
2 Handmade booklet about local and community political decision making containing news cuttings from various sources. Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. c.1973
3 Article from the Scottish Educational Journal which mentions Barrowfield Community School.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. 1973
5 Photographs

One photograph from the Glasgow Herald of children and teacher in a classroom at Barrowfield Community School.  View on line.

6 Ephemera

Print out of posts to the Hidden Glasgow Discussion Forum regarding Barrowfield Community School.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.

2 IWW publications
1 Preamble to the Industrial Workers of the World. n.d.
2 Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology. Edited by Joyce L. Kornbluh. 1988
3 The Industrial Unionist. No. 2. n.d.
4 Industrial Worker: Official newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World. Nos. 1527-1528, 1697-1698. 1990-2007
5 The General Strike For Industrial Freedom. Pamphlet. 1946
6 Proceedings of the First Convention of the Industrial Workers of the World. 1905
7 A Union For All Workers: Industrial Workers of the World. Pamphlet. n.d.
8 What Is The IWW? Pamphlet. n.d.
9 Unemployment and the Machine. Pamphlet. n.d.
10 Coal Mines and Coal Miners: The Story of a Great Industry and the Men Who Work in It. n.d.
3 Bratach Dubh Pulications
1 The Angry Brigade. Bratach Dubh Documents no. 1. 1978
2 Critique of Syndicalist Methods: Trade-unionism to anarcho-syndicalism. Alfredo M. Bonanno. Bratach Dubh Anarchist Pamphlets no. 2. n.d
4 Emma Goldman
1 Trotsky Protests Too Much. Emma Goldman. Published by The Anarchist Communist Federation. n.d.
2 Anarchism and other essays. Emma Goldman. Dover Publications. 1969
5 Freedom Press
1 Max Stirner’s Egoism. John P. Clark. 1976
2 ABC of Anarchism. Alexander Berkman. 1942
3 The Wilhelmshaven Revolt. Icarus. 1944
4 The Two Communisms. R. Corn. Freedom Publications no. 2. n.d.
5 The May Days Barcelona 1937. 1987
6 Workers In Stalin’s Russia. M. L. Berneri 1949
7 About Anarchism. Nicolas Walter. Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. 1977
8 The Raven: Anarchist Quarterly. Nos. 1, 33. c.1987-c.1996
9 Anarchism and Selfishness. Donald Rooum. An offprint from The Raven Volume 1 (1987) 251-259. 1987
10 Wildcat: ABC of Bosses. Anarchist comics by Donald Rooum. 1991
6 Guy Aldred
1 Michel Bakunin Communist. Guy Aldred. Published by The Bakunin Press, Glasgow. 1920
2 Communism: Story of the Communist Party. Guy A. Aldred. Published by The Strickland Press. 1943
3 A Call to Manhood and other studies in social struggle. 26 essays by Guy A. Aldred. Published by The Strickland Press. 1944
7 Publications
1 Bolshevism Promises and Reality: An Appraisal of the Results of the Marxist Dictatorship over Russia. G. Maximov. 1937
2 Does God Exist? Twelve Proofs of the Inexistance of God as Presented in a Lecture by Sebastien Faure. n.d.
3 Flashlights of the Amsterdam Congress. Daniel De Leon. 1904
4 Anarchism and Formal Organizations. Research Group One. No. 23. 1977
5 Selected Writings. Errico Malatesta. n.d.
6 Anarchism & Law. Alexei Borovoi. n.d.
7 Catechism of the Revolutionist. Sergei Nechayev. 1989
8 Message of a Wise Kabouter. Roel Van Duyn. 1972
9 Marx Engels Lenin: Anarchism and Anarco-syndicalism. Progress Publishers, Moscow. 1972
10 Anarchism: arguments for and against. Albert Meltzer. 1981
11 Mutual Aid. Petr Kropotkin. n.d.
12 Ten days that shook the university. On the poverty of student life. Situationist International. 1973
13 Introduction to the Anarchist Communist Association. 1979
14 Anarchist Economics: an alternative for a world in crisis. Abraham Guillen. n.d.
15 God and the State. Michael Bakunin. n.d.
16 Workers’ Councils. Published by Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, Melbourne. 1948
17 Ethics and American Unionism. Sam Weiner. A Libertarian League Publication. 1958
18 Underdogs vs. Upperdogs: A picture-story of the struggle against social injustice. Jim peck. 1951
19 Evolution and Revolution. Elisee Reclus. n.d.
20 Poll Tax Rebellion. Danny Burns. 1992
21 Of Man and Revolution: An Anarchist Vision. Michael Tobin. n.d.
22 Origenes Del Movimiento Anarquista En China por Albert Meltzer. n.d.
23 Under the Fifth Rib. H.T. Derrett. Published by Anarchist Communist Federation, Glasgow. n.d.
24 Why I Won’t Vote: arguments for abstention from Anarchy 27. Introduction by R. Lynn. n.d.
25 The Source: Independent Monthly Magazine. No. 1. n.d.
26 Glasgow Peoples Press: Clydeside Alternative Monthly. Nos. 4-5. 1977-1978
27 Hammer and Tongs: Bulletin of the Lower Clyde Shipyard Workers. No. 10. n.d.
28 Women of the Gestapo. Richard Baxter. 1943
29 Jail Journal and other writings. Richard Carlile. Edited and arranged by Guy Aldred. 1942
30 Education: an anarchist approach. Farquhar McLay. Autonomy Press. 1983
31 Manifesto of the Communist Party. Karl Marx and Frecerick Engels. 1942
32 The Case for Socialism. Socialist Party of Great Britain. 1962
33 Marxism and Modern Art: An approach to social realism. F. D. Klingender. Marxism Today series no. 3. 1943
34 Karl Marx: His life and teaching. Zelda Kahan-Coates. British Socialist Party. 1918
35 The Socialist Reconstruction of Society. Daniel De Leon. Photocopy. 1980
36 Milestones in Working Class History. Norman Longmate. 1975
37 The Scottish People 1840-1940: A social and economic history. Published by the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum. CD-ROM containing resources including images, essays and statistical evidence. 1997
38 Is Labour Government the way to Socialism? Published by the Socialist Party of Great Britain. 1946
39 Wage Labout and Capital. Karl Marx. 1952
40 The Hell Myth. Dr. Walter Walsh. Free Religious Addresses No. 221. 1923
41 The Communist Movement. A Personal Investigation by Dr. A. Shadwell. 1925
42 An Introduction to the Philosophy of Herbert Spencer. Professor W. H. Hudson. 1904
43 Trade Unionism and Political Action. Joe McDonald. 1955
44 I Appeal Unto Caesar: The case of the conscientous objector. Mrs Henry Hobhouse. n.d.
45 What is Morality? George Whithead. 1925
46 The Slave Farm: being letters from Alf Budden to a fellow farm slave and comrade in revolt. Socialist Party of Canada. 1914
47 The Commune of Paris: Its Story and Meaning. James Leatham. n.d.
48 Workers’ Control. Direct Action Pamphlets no. 4. n.d.
49 The Commune. Vol. II, no. 13. 1929
50 Preparing for Non-Violent Direct Action. A Peace News/CND Publication. 1984
51 The Silent Killers: New developments in gas and germ weapons. David Bays. n.d.
52 Anarchist Communism: Its basis and principles. Freedom Pamphlets. n.d.
53 Spain’s Civil War. Harry Browne. Seminar Studies in History. 1984
54 John Maclean: Educator of the Working Class. James D. Young. Clydeside Press. 1988
55 Poll Tax Handbook. Co-produced by Scottish Trades Union Congress; Scottish Council for Civil Liberties; Scottish Local Government Information Unit. 1989
56 Trades Councils. Joe McDonald. 1930
57 The Rights of Labour according to John Ruskin. Arranged by Thomas Barclay. n.d.
58 A Public Nuisance: Tales of adventure & a spirit of revolt, Glasgow Anarchists 1974 to 1986. Jim McFarlane. Photocopy from the Edinburgh Review. n.d.
59 The Working Class Against Fascism. G. Dimitrov. 1935
60 New Beacon Review. No. 1. 1985
61 Killed on the picket line 1984: The Story of David Gareth Jones. Mark Jones. 1985
62 Two Pages from Roman History. Daniel De Leon. Socialist Labour Party. n.d.
63 The Origin of Madness. Dr M. E. Elsarrag. 1985
64 Asylum to Anarchy. Claire Baron. 1987
65 Anarchism: Arguments for and against. Albert Meltzer. 1986
66 As We Don’t See It. Solidarity London. n.d.
67 Rent Strike! The Clydebank Rent Struggles of the 1920s. Sean Damer. A Clydebank People’s History Pamphlet. 1982
68 Fighting Back Against Unemployment. Produced by Clyde Action. n.d.
69 Class Health and Profit. Ian Gibson. n.d.
70 The Singer Strike, Clydebank, 1911. Glasgow Labour History Workshop. 1989
71 Workers City: The Real Glasgow Stands Up. Edited by Farquhar McLay. Clydeside Press. Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. 1988
72 The Clydebank Blitz. I. M. M. MacPhail. 1995
73 Severely Dealt With: Growing up in Belfast and Glasgow. John Taylor Caldwell. 1993
74 Windscale: A summary of the evidence and the argument. The Guardian. 1970s
75 News From Nowhere. William Morris. Edited by James Redmond. 1976
76 Authority and Delinquency: a study in the psychology of power. Alex Comfort. 1970
77 Feminism As Anarchism. Lynne Farrow. Black Bear Pamphlet No. 2. n.d.
8 Books on Education
1 The Child’s Discovery of Space. Jean and Simonne Sauvy.   Read on line,    PDF and other downloads, cover pages. 1974
2 Education and the Working Class. Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads, cover pages. 1966
3 English Progressive Schools. Robert Skidelsky.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads, cover pages. 1969
4 Reading, How To. Herbert Kohl.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads, cover pages. 1976
5 The Comprehensive School. Robin Pedley.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads, cover pages. 1970
6 Children in Distress. Alec Clegg and Barbara Megson.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1971
7 State School. R. F. Mackenzie.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1973
8 The Little Red School Book. Soren Hansen and Jesper Jensen.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1971
9 Compulsory Miseducation. Paul Goodman.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover page only. 1972
10 Teaching as a Subversive Activity. Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1983
11 Teaching Controversial Issues. Robert Stradling, Michael Noctor, Bridget Baines. 1984
12 A Dominie’s Log: The story of a Scottish teacher. A.S. Neill. 1986
13 The Progress of Education: a searching discussion of school education opening new paths to learning and teaching. Jerome S. Bruner. 1960
14 Learning. J. Charles Jones. 1967
15 The Home and the School: a study of ability and attainment in the Primary School. J.W.B. Douglas. 1973
16 Free Way to Learning: Educational Alternatives in Action. Edited by David Head. 1974
17 Nurseries Now: a fair deal for parents and children. Hughes, Mayall, Moss, Perry, Petrie, and Pinkerton.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. 1980
18 Patterns of Infant Care in an Urban Community. John and Elizabeth Newson.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.  Cover pages. 1966
19 Soviet Education. Nigel Grant.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.  Cover pages. 1968
20 How Children Fail. John Holt.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.  Cover pages. 1975
21 Educating the Intelligent. Michael Hutchinson and Christopher Young. 1962
22 The Impact of Robbins. Richard Layard, John King and Claus Moser.   Read on Line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1969
23 Priority Education: an account of the Liverpool project. Eric Midwinter.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1972
24 The Burnston School Strike. B. Edwards.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1974
25 The Growth of Understanding in the Young Child: a brief introduction to Piaget’s Work. Nathan Isaacs.   Read on line,   PDF and other downloads. Cover pages. 1969
26 Starting School. A Citizen 2000 Booklet.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.  Cover pages. 1988
27 Freedom – Not License!: the world famous author of Summerhill answers important questions about the everyday problems of child rearing. A. S. Neill.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads Cover pages. 1966
28 The Free School. W. Kenneth Richmond. 1973
29 Childrens Rights – Extinction or Rebirth. Scottish Council for Civil Liberties.  Read on line,   PDF and other downloads.   Cover pages. 1978
9 Ephemera

Includes Charlie Baird’s Community Worker business card and a postcard from John Jnr. sent from an anarchist conference in Barcelona.