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Great Progress.

We at Spirit of Revolt are delighted to state that the digitising process of our material, has been accelerated thanks to the increase in the number of volunteer scanners, a big thanks to them all. Also, the James Kelman Collection is now making rapid progress, thanks to the hard work of our archivist Paula. Have […]

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Letter From The Past.

Robert (Bobby) Lynn, 1924-1996, was a well know Glasgow anarchist and a character. This month our “Read of the Month” is a letter that has just come into the Spirit of Revolt Archive. It is from Bobby to James Kelman, attempting to raise money to start a social centre in Glasgow. Since then, Glasgow has […]

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Kropotkin’s speech, Memorial Hall, October 21st. 1909.

Francisco Ferrer Guardia was an educator and founder of “Modern Schools”, which taught radical social values. He was executed by the Spanish state, by firing squad on October 13th. 1909. On October 21st. 1909, Kropotkin gave a speech on Ferrer, in the Memorial Hall London.  Spirit of Revolt is fortunate to have an original copy […]

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Raffle Results.

The Spirit of Revolt 2016 Hogmanay raffle was drawn on 28th. December as arranged. There were 6 members of the Spirit of Revolt group present at the draw. The numbers of the winning tickets are as follows: 1st. prize,    Hamper,                                            […]

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Common Cause, No.2.

Another dip into our archive, this one is Common Cause, No.2, from 1978, a magazine covering community and industrial struggles in South Wales UK. from our Bratach Duhb Collection. If you enjoy this, then take a look at the varied material in our wide, and growing collections. Read on line. PDF and other downloads.

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New Addition, Ronnie Alexander Collection

Spirit of Revolt are delighted to have the privilege of giving a home to this collection from a well known and loved activist/musician and wish to thank his partner Kathleen for this gift. We will box list this as quickly as possible, and hopefully it will soon appear on our catalogue. A tribute to Ronnie […]

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The Aims and Principles of the Union of Anarchist Groups.

Thanks again to comrade John Cooper, we are able to reproduce this rare pamphlet, The Aims and Principles of the Union of Anarchist Groups, from the Congress of the Union of Anarchist Groups, held in Glasgow December 2-3, 1945. “We wish to achieve a revolution which will give to all liberty and well-being, we are […]

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Direct Action Versus Legislation.

Spirit of Revolt has again, thanks to John Cooper, been given four rare political pamphlets. We have selected one by John Blair Smith, of the Free Action Anarchist Group of Glasgow, to be this month’s read of the month. It dates from around 1899, but is still as relevant today as it was the day […]

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Glasgow Peoples Press

Glasgow Peoples Press From September 1977 to December1978, eleven issues were produced by a collective composed primarily of anarchists & libertarian socialists. The exception was Jim Torley, a community activist from Possilpark who earlier in ’77 had brought out The Source, his solo attempt at an alternative paper from Glasgow. It had only been a […]

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Bobby Lynn, Vote: What For?

Robert (Bobby) Lynn was a Glasgow anarchist, 1924-1990, born and lived in Calton Glasgow, one of Glasgow’s many slums. Started work as an engineering apprentice in Yarrow’s shipyard, became involved in working class struggle and remained committed to that struggle all his life. Pamphlet by Bobby Lynn, Vote: What For?  Read on line,   PDF and […]

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