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New Addition, Ronnie Alexander Collection

Spirit of Revolt are delighted to have the privilege of giving a home to this collection from a well known and loved activist/musician and wish to thank his partner Kathleen for this gift. We will box list this as quickly as possible, and hopefully it will soon appear on our catalogue. A tribute to Ronnie […]

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The Aims and Principles of the Union of Anarchist Groups.

Thanks again to comrade John Cooper, we are able to reproduce this rare pamphlet, The Aims and Principles of the Union of Anarchist Groups, from the Congress of the Union of Anarchist Groups, held in Glasgow December 2-3, 1945. “We wish to achieve a revolution which will give to all liberty and well-being, we are […]

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Direct Action Versus Legislation.

Spirit of Revolt has again, thanks to John Cooper, been given four rare political pamphlets. We have selected one by John Blair Smith, of the Free Action Anarchist Group of Glasgow, to be this month’s read of the month. It dates from around 1899, but is still as relevant today as it was the day […]

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Glasgow Peoples Press

Glasgow Peoples Press From September 1977 to December1978, eleven issues were produced by a collective composed primarily of anarchists & libertarian socialists. The exception was Jim Torley, a community activist from Possilpark who earlier in ’77 had brought out The Source, his solo attempt at an alternative paper from Glasgow. It had only been a […]

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Bobby Lynn, Vote: What For?

Robert (Bobby) Lynn was a Glasgow anarchist, 1924-1990, born and lived in Calton Glasgow, one of Glasgow’s many slums. Started work as an engineering apprentice in Yarrow’s shipyard, became involved in working class struggle and remained committed to that struggle all his life. Pamphlet by Bobby Lynn, Vote: What For?  Read on line,   PDF and […]

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Understanding Solidarity through the Glasgow Rent Strikes 1915

The 4 workshops accompanied the Rent Strike Exhibition view on line HERE: The workshops are available as free PDF download, HERE: Although Rents were an issue in Glasgow by 1913 when John Maclean and The British Socialist Party set up the Scottish Federation of Tenant’s Associations the Strikes did not start until May 1915. Many […]

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Ibels Cartoons from Le Pere Peinard

Henri-Gabriel Ibels (30 November 1867 Paris – February 1936 Paris), was a French illustrator, printmaker, painter and author. Ibels drew from life on the street, cafés, the circus and boxing ring. His graphic style owed much to the art of Hononore Daumier and others.He studied art at the same time as the Nabis. He produced […]

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Rent Strikes 100 Years On Exhibition

Rent Strikes, 100 Years On, 2-28th November 2015,   Mitchell Library Foyer, Glasgow.                   This exhibition organised by Spirit of Revolt ran for the month of November and coincided with the centenary of the death of Joe Hill as well as UK media saturation with WW1 Remembrance shows. We therefore extended the content of the […]

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Newspaper cutting from Allan Burnett Collection.

This  newspaper cutting appeared in the War Commentary, and refers to  the trial of Allan Burnett as a conscientious objector, Allan’s collection of letters, poetry and other papers are part of the Spirit of Revolt Archive collection and can be viewed at  T-SOR 1.  

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Charlie Baird Sr.: An Interview.

Charlie Baird Sr. : An Interview This article is taken from R. A. Forum: 6th June 1977 Before the war I’d been sympathetic to the Communist Party, as early as 1 6 or 17 years of age. It wasn’t until the war, when Russia had signed the pact with Hitler, that I started to have […]

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